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"It’s not about moving, it is about career progression."

A recruiter helps you through the hiring process. A good recruiter provides extensive detail on the role so you can make an informed decision. We invest the time to listen and understand your background and career goals. Our aim is to help ensure the role is the right fit for you. We provide honest guidance and connect you with the right opportunities.
Confidentiality is key. It is one of the reasons the Sterling Legal team excels and is respected by candidates and hiring organizations. All interactions are treated with discretion and with the utmost confidence. To candidates, we guarantee your information will never be disclosed to any client without your express consent.

The Sterling Legal Approach for Candidates

Make Sterling Legal your go-to resource when searching for an opportunity. We provide market information on compensation, employer reputation and the general pulse of the legal sector. We help you assess whether the fit is right for you. We are not just looking to place you; we are looking to help you achieve your career goals.


The first step is for us to gain a thorough understanding of your skill set, and what you need to excel or grow to the next level. We get you thinking about both your immediate and long-term career goals. With this information, we can help guide you.


We commit to answering your questions and help you determine if the role is right for you. In the end, you control the process and decide if and how you want to proceed. We are with you throughout the process to assist in whatever way we can.


We understand the importance of communication throughout your process and strive to be responsive. You will never be left wondering.


Once we place you, we check in with you to ensure you are integrating well and provide any assistance you may need. 

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Let's Work Together

Get in touch. Let's discuss how we can work together.

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